20 oz Bag Gluten Free Rolled Oats Non-GMO


1.25 lb. Bag Gluten Free Rolled Oats. 100% whole grain, natural rolled oats for a heart healthy start to your day or for use in your favorite recipes.

Taste the difference of our uncontaminated, fresh roasted flavor that comes from our steamed, shelf stable process. Our oats are safe for those who are gluten intolerant or anyone desiring a high quality product. OUR FACILITY IS WHEAT, SOY, and PEANUT NUT FREE.

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no comparison

I am so happy I found you! You wouldn't think oats could taste different BUT THINK AGAIN. !!! These are the "rolls royce" of oats. ... you'll never go back to any other kind , trust me I have and ALWAYS come back and will NEVER be unfaithful again! LOL Your oats are by far the best and most delicious I've ever had, NOT gummy starchy icky smelly stale ...... need I go on. ? I pulse your oats with dates, and some coconut and use it for a crust, it's one of my faves. Thank you for all you do. Mary
Posted by undefined, 2nd Oct 2014

Very Pleased

The gluten free oats I ordered arrived very quickly. Followed the directions and had a hot bowl of oatmeal ready in no time. Great texture, great taste. Very filling. I'm very thankful there is a gluten free breakfast option that is filling, tastes good and triggered no gluten rash afterward. Many thanks to the lady that helped me over the phone, Louise possibly?
Posted by Razz, 21st Nov 2013


I am not on a gluten-free diet, but was looking for some minimally processed rolled oats. As an FFA alumni, when I saw that these were started as an FFA project, I just had to get them :) I've been grinding them to put in smoothies for breakfast...fantastic!
Posted by Nicole, 2nd Sep 2013

Excellent Product

I use the product primarily for the MONSTER COOKIE recipie. They are so good that I have my married daughters always asking for a batch and they are not gluten free. I also use the product as a hot morning cerial. Just excellent.
Posted by Fred S. Ball, 24th Oct 2012

Very Versatile!

You can use these safe and delicious oats in all kinds of ways: I have them for breakfast with almond milk in the morning. We make great oatmeal cookies and use them in our granola mix too. I cook them occasionally with other grains and add them to soup for extra protein. Your imagination is the limit. Enjoy!
Posted by Maro Dimmer, 13th Aug 2012

Great tasting oats!

Works great with no-bake cookies, oatmeal, breads!
Posted by undefined, 21st May 2012

We are in heaven!

Our family has been on a gf diet for 7.5 years. We tried one other oat only to have adverse reactions. Never again were we brave enough to try again until now. We ordered your oats through Amazon.com and received them yesterday. We made two different cookie recipes including your oustanding monster cookie recipe. We intended to only eat one cookie and see how we felt. Unfortunately, we couldn't stop and threw caution to the wind. Yes, one of my sons and I felt a little ill but, it was only because we ate soooo many cookies. We are in heaven! Thank you, Thank you!!
Posted by Dianne, 7th Jul 2011

We love your oats!

Hello! I just wanted to let you know how much we love your oats! I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease almost 6 years ago and was really missing my oats until I found you guys!
Posted by Becky, 7th Jul 2011