40 oz. Bag Whole Grain Traditional Gluten Free Oat Flour


40 oz (2.5 lb.) Bag Whole Grain Gluten Free Oat Flour. Certified gluten free, and non-GMO.

100% whole grain, natural oat flour for use in your favorite recipes. Oat flour requires additional additives. See our receipe section for more information.

Taste the difference of our uncontaminated, fresh roasted flavor that comes from our steamed, shelf stable process. Our flour is safe for those who are gluten intolerant or anyone desiring a high quality product. Our facility is a wheat and nut free facility. OUR FACILITY IS WHEAT, SOY, and PEANUT NUT FREE.

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Great taste and texture!

I just tried this oat flour for my gluten free cookies and it is awesome! It has a great taste and texture, exactly what I was looking for! Thank you GF Oats!
Posted by undefined, 10th Jun 2016


I am a super sensitive celiac..I can eat GF Harvest oatmeal with no problems. Excellent safe product..tastes great. Excellent customer service
Posted by anne murdock , 13th Dec 2015

best bread ever

so excited to find you, where I know the product is grown and processed without chemicals thank you
Posted by Susan, 30th Nov 2015

A Godsend

I discovered Gluten Free Oats in Cybele Pascal's reference guide in her allergen free baking cookbook and it has been a love affair ever since. My child has multiple food allergies/intolerances and, as we are sorting out both their diet and mine, GFO has been a staple in our home for almost 2 years now - I/we eat some form of oat product every single day! GFO's products are among a very limited assortment of foods that I feel 100% confident feeding my child and I am truly grateful that this company exists and continues to perform at such a high standard!
Posted by undefined, 20th Oct 2015


I make my own GF bread which can sometimes end up being somewhat dry and crumbly. By adding oat flour, in combination with small amounts of other GF flours and starches, it actually gave moisture and elasticity to the mix. My finished loaf of bread was absolutely delicious, with no digestive discomfort.
Posted by Mary, 7th Mar 2015

Wonderful product!

This oat flour is great. I am gluten intolerant and allergic to almost every grain, except for oats. I have not had any problems with this flour at all. The texture is so light and fluffy that it makes really good european style pancakes. One super heaped tbs of oat flour for each egg, a pinch of salt and sugar, and just enough water to mix to roughly the texture of housepaint. Perfection!
Posted by undefined, 18th May 2013