41 oz. Bag Organic Gluten Free Rolled Oats


Big - 2 lb 9 Ounce Bag (41 oz.) Organic Gluten Free Rolled Oats. Certified organic, gluten free, and non-GMO.

100% whole grain, organic rolled oats for a heart healthy start to your day or for use in your favorite recipes.

Taste the difference of our uncontaminated, fresh roasted flavor that comes from our steamed, shelf stable process. Our oats are safe for those who are gluten intolerant or anyone desiring a high quality product. OUR FACILITY IS WHEAT, SOY, and PEANUT NUT FREE.

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GF Oats

I am an RN MSN- these are the most nutritious and best tasting Oats anywhere! Eating them for over 5 years! Best meal to have in AM before going out for distance bicycling. Protein content keeps you on the bike longer! Studies in England suggest porridge (oats) are the best meal to have before long rides! I just love the flavor and NO Gluten!!! Thank you GF company!!!!
Posted by Tom, 12th May 2017

Old Fashioned Organic Oats

These gluten free oats are the best I have ever eaten. I would give then 10 stars if It were possible. Other gluten free oats have not agreed with me for many years before finding this wonderful company. I can now eat these oats anytime . Thank you GF Harvest for your outstanding products.
Posted by Sandy, 28th Apr 2017

organic gluten free rolled oats

I greatly appreciate the efforts that GF harvest makes to ensure that their products are gluten free. As a person who is allergic to gluten, it have confidence that a family whose members are also affected by this condition and understands the concern involved will do the utmost to ascertain that their products are safe. The oats taste great and I can eat them with confidence! Many, many thanks for your efforts.
Posted by rose, 11th Feb 2017

OGF rolled oats

Great tasting, just the right thickness for great texture. I cook them for breakfast with blueberries, cinnamon and vanilla added just before serving. I also use these in my meatloaf. My husband compains that there is never enough leftovers!
Posted by CHERYL COOK, 7th Jan 2017

thank goodness for GFO

Like their other products..these gf oats taste great and are safe for a celiac like me to eat. Fabulous company to deal with
Posted by Anne Murdock, 22nd Feb 2016

Nommi Nom

GF Harvest Organic Oatmeal is fabulousl! Bakes up great in muffins and as breakfast cereal. Great taste and texture of oatmeal without the gluten. They cook up great in the microwave, as well as stovetop using vanilla Coconut milk. For a quick treat Il add peanut butter, cacao, vanilla and almonds. Raspberries, blueberry and an assortment of nuts with cinnamon and vanilla is my favorite breakfast combination.
Posted by Nicole, 6th Dec 2015


so excited to find you, where I know the product is grown and processed without chemicals thank you
Posted by Susan, 30th Nov 2015

Excellent Oats

GF Harvest's Organic Gluten Free Old Fashioned Rolled Oats are excellent. They are very easy to cook & taste particularly good when made with milk.
Posted by Greg, 10th Aug 2015

Best ever

I have been getting these oats for a few years and they are the best oats I have ever had. I am not gluten intolerant, I eat them because they are so good.
Posted by Karen Knowles, 17th Jul 2015