5 lb. Bag Traditional Gluten Free Oat Groats


5 Lb Bag Gluten Free Oat Groats. 100% whole grain oat groats for a heartier healthy start to your day or for use in your favorite recipes.  Taste the difference of our uncontaminated, fresh roasted flavor that comes from our steamed, shelf stable process. Our groats are safe for those who are gluten intolerant or anyone desiring a high quality product. Use our groats for your own milling or cooking pleasure. OUR FACILITY IS WHEAT, SOY, and PEANUT NUT FREE.


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So far so good...bought two bags and I'm halfway through the first bag. Really happy to find a good gluten-free organic oat grout supplier! Good price. Good shipping.
Posted by Kevin, 15th Feb 2018

Love Groats

I've always ordered the rolled oats directly from GF Harvest as I get 25 lbs at a time (I eat a lot of oats!)but I happen to notice on Amazon "Groats", so I ordered a bag.. OMG!! I LOVE GROATS! It seems to me to have a slightly sweeter taste than the oats, I do wish however it didn't take so long to cook as I travel a lot and would love to take this with me and cook it in the microwave :-)I'll definitely be buying this again!
Posted by Sandra Fox, 13th Sep 2016

pure and wonderful

so excited to find you, where I know the product is grown and processed without chemicals GREAT in my soups thank you
Posted by Susan, 30th Nov 2015

Groats are a terrific addition to any diet

Not only are groats delicious, look for recipes online, they are also nutritionally sound. I was so happy GF Harvest is carrying groats in addition to other oat products. The package was clean and the groats thus far have been free of any husks. Thank you for your service to gluten-free product seekers.
Posted by LS, 1st Aug 2014

Love my groats!

Nice to be able to use a product whose qualities I can depend on.
Posted by Frank Driscoll, 5th Feb 2014


Just received my organic gluten free oats and I have to say they rocked!! Thank you for making a product that truly is gluten free. Kelly D. Florida
Posted by kelly, 30th Jan 2014

My Groats

I'm ecstatic about this product. I grew up eating oatmeal and stopped for awhile due to my discovery of my having celiac's disease; as I wasn't sure about the "wheat-free" promise of others. However, your product takes me back home, and I will SURELY purchase more in the very near future. AND OH HOW GREAT OATS ARE FOR YOUR HEALTH! Please keep up the magnificent work!
Posted by Lora Lawson, 24th Oct 2013

So Yummy!!

I'd had these oat groats in my freezer for months, perhaps a year or more, actually... Finally, I decided to give them a try, since I had run out of my GF rolled oats. Wow! I may never make regular rolled-oat oatmeal again! The consistency of this whole oat groat oatmeal is wonderful - hearty, with a slight nutty/chewy-ness to it like you'd get with adding nuts to steel cut oatmeal. I followed the directions on the bag and slow-cooked it overnight. You will wake up to yummy, warm oatmeal! I also added nutmeg and a dash of cardamom in addition to the cinnamon stick.
Posted by Nicole, 30th Aug 2013

In two words

Simply Delicious!!
Posted by undefined, 27th Jun 2013