About GF Harvest

smith.jpgOur Story - GF Harvest:

(right: owner- founders: Seaton Smith, Forrest Smith, Jill Smith)

Thank you for allowing our celiac family the opportunity to serve you. We understand how frustrating it is to find safe GF products, after our own son was diagnosed at age two. Since then my wife and I, along with many other relatives on both sides of our family, have been diagnosed giving each of us a firsthand understanding of the “issues” if our food is cross contaminated. Since 1991 we have been active in local and national support groups helping people cope with the frustrations of being on a GF diet.

This involvement created an interest for our son, Forrest, to turn his restrictive diet into a high school FFA Entrepreneur project resulting in the first domestic source of natural and organic oats for all of us on a GF diet.

Our Processes:

We go the extra mile so your bowl of oatmeal or treat is SAFE by: Using a stringent set of requirements to grow for us, along with personally walking each field so we have traceability from planting to package:

  • Testing every truck before entering the mill
  • Double testing in our lab with monthly sample re-verification by an independent lab
  • Making sure each bag of oats is from non-GMO seed
  • Processed in our DEDICATED Gluten Free Mill
  • Packaged and stored in our DEDICATED Gluten Free warehouse and production facility

Knowing how committed our family-owned company is to your safety, are you comfortable using anything less?

Trust Any Label That Claims Gluten Free?

Some oats being used in “Certified” or so called “gluten free” products are not grown and processed with a purity protocol.  One major USA manufacture stated at the AACC meeting in 2015 that they pull 12-24 samples out of each batch and average 10% of these samples over 20 parts per million (ppm). So that 10% of the finished product could make a person on a GF Diet sick!

Learn more how GF Harvest earns your Trust From The Start.


Our Products:

Taste the difference; our oats have a FRESH ROASTED FLAVOR that can only come from a steamed, shelf sable product.

We control the process from the seed through our dedicated mill. From there, we package then ship your products in a dedicated warehouse facility.

Click this link to learn more about our Inspection Processes.

Our People: